Párrafos (de libros)

Y en este caso, de un libro de niños. De una niña que escribe todo en su cuaderno.

Maybe when I grow up I can have an office. On the door it can say "Harriet the Spy" in gold letters. And then it can have office hours like the dentist's door has and underneath it can say ANY SPY WORK UNDERTAKEN. I guess I won't put the price on the door. Then they'll have to come in and ask me. I can go there every day from eleven to four and write in my notebook. People will come in and tell me who to go and spy on and I can do that outside of office hours. I wonder if I will get any murder cases. I would have to have a gun and follow people but I bet it would be at night and I wouldn't be allowed out.


Life is a great mystery . Is everybody a different person when they are with somebody else? Ole Golly has never been this way. I wonder if people act like this when they get married (or are in love). How could she get married?


That was all very nice but it has nothing to do with my notebook. I will always have a notebook. Only Ole Golly understands about my notebook. I think I will write down everything, every single solitary thing that happens to me.

Fitzhug, Louise, Harriet the Spy, Yearling, New York, 2001, pp 75-77, 97, 200.

Hay muy pocas personas que han logrado retratar como piensa un niño.


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