A man dead by kicks. (4th Part)

Here is the fourth part of the story: "Un hombre muerto a puntapiés". You can find the first three parts of the story in here. And, you know, if you find any unforgivable mistake, please tell me.

Was the Ramirez dead, drunk? No, that couldn’t be, because the Police would have found out that immediately and the fact would be in the newspaper, and just to not have doubts, if by any chance the journalist forgot it, the Commisioner would have said that to me with out hesitation.

What other bad habit could the unhappy victim have? Because of being a vicious, he was; this, nobody could deny it. And what proves this, is he not declaring the reasons if the aggression. Any other cause could be said with no blush. For example, what would there be of embarrassing in these confessions?:

“An individual cheated on my daughter; I found him this night on the street; I was blind with anger, I treated him as a swine, I threw myself to his neck and he, helped by his friends, put me on this state” or

“My wife betrayed me with a man who I tried to kill, but him, stronger than me, started furious kicks against me” or

“I had some trouble with a godmother and her husband, for revenging she attacked me cowardly with her friends”

If this he would have said, nobody would find the deal strange.

Also, it was really easy to say:

“We had a brawl”

But I’m losing time, these hypothesis are unsustainable to me: in the first two cases, the people who debt the ill-fated; in the third one, his confession would have been unavoidable, because that was to honorable; in the forth one, we would also already know about it, because just for revenge, he would have said the names.

Nothing, that what was in my frown, was the evident. There was no more reasoning to be done. As a consequence, having all the conclusions, I have rebuilt, in resume, the tragic adventure that happened between Escobedo and García street, in these terms:

Octavio Ramírez, and individual of unknown nationality, of forty two years old, and of mediocre looks, lived in a modest hotel until the 12th of January of this year.

It looks like the Ramírez guy lived of his rents, few, by the way, not allowing himself a lot of expenses, not even extraordinary, specially with woman. He had had since little a small deviation of instincts that depraved him in the future. Until, by a fatal impulse, he had to finish with the tragic end we all regret.

For more clarity, we must say that this individual had gotten to the city just a few days before.

The night of the 12th of January, while he was eating in a dark cheap restaurant, he felt a known anxiety that went bothering him more and more. At eight, when he was going out, the torments of his desire were agitating him. In a strange city for him, the difficulty of satisfying it, by the ignorance that he had from the city, was irritating hi,. We walked, almost desperately, for about two hours by the main streets, putting his longing eyes in the backs of the man he found on the way; he followed the from close, trying to catch any chance, although distrustful of suffering a deception.

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